Customized Deck Accessories

Have a bare spot on your deck that you can't quite fill? Talk to Nick, he will build something for the empty space. Like planting? Nick can build custom planters. Love storage, but never have enough on your deck? Nick will fix that too with a custom built shelf in that bare nook. Not enough shade on your deck while you are BBQing, but still want to see the stars at night? Nick has the solution; a custom build pergola. Whatever your deck needs, there is a solution with Fix-A-Deck's custom built accessories.

We Do...

... everything from your standard deck packages, to elaborate deck designs.
We build your custom deck to match your needs and what you want. If the work interferes with code or a government regulation, Fix-A-Deck will notify the customer before work ever starts. We use a wide area of products to meet our customers needs. Don't like the feel of plastic on your feet? No problem, we will find a product you'll love.