We now offer a one-stop shop for home renovations from the ground up to the rafters above your head.

Have an issue with your property? Fear not! We can come up with a solution that meets your needs. We focus primarily on residential renovations, garages and sheds, but if your barn needs attention, we can help you out.

Services we offer:
  • Foundations – We prefer to start from scratch, but we'll fix that leaky crack, too
  • Framing – New home or project
  • Basic Plumbing – Simple fixes but recommend Braim Brothers for complex jobs
  • Basic Electrical – Simple fixes but recommmend Team Electrical for complex tasks
  • Insulation – Batt insulation installation
  • Drywall – Boarding or occasion fix from a kid's soccer ball or hockey puck
  • Taping and Mudding – For new drywall or floating out walls to fix all those pesky marks
  • Painting – Quality painting, we will never do a "splash" job
  • Finishing – Trim, baseboards, custom wood accessories
  • Cabinetry – New cabinets, furniture, wood bar tops
  • Flooring – Laminate and vinyl plank
  • Tiling – Floors, walls or any special project
  • Roofing – Single-storey bungalow roofs, shed roofs and garages
  • Siding – Vinyl siding on single storeys (all others as well as gutters we refer to Adamson Exteriors)
  • Windows and Doors – New or replacements
  • Clean-up, Renovation Demolition and Salvage – Not everything automatically goes into the bin. We feel an obligation to conserve materials that can be reused or resold as a used product.