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Treated Wood

Treated is among the cheapest solution to the deck madness. However it does need to be maintained the most out of all products. We can simplify life with the new line of quality stain. The longevity of your deck solely relies on maintaining the waterproofing on the deck. Fix-A-Deck only uses green deck screws on the surface of the deck so you will never have nails popping up while you are trying to shovel snow. All construction of the deck is done with screws to ensure that the deck will never move/shift in any way to affect it's structural integrity. After the initial construction of the deck using treated lumber there is a 1 year minimum period where the deck has to cure before it can take a stain, the way to know when your deck is ready to be stained is when it turns to a light brown

Cedar Wood

Cedar is more of a mid-way solution to your decking needs. It is more expensive that Treated Wood, however, still a cheaper solution that Composite. Cedar by it's self will last longer than treated, but still relies on products to maintain it's natural beauty. It too has cure after initial construction for 1 year before it can take a stain or waterproofing. A common mistake while waterproofing is it is done on a blistering hot day when the wood's pores are closed. This results in a poor sealer that peels within the first year. If working with hot weather, make sure to dampen the cedar to allow the pores to open, allowing it to take the product and seal not just the surface of the wood, but the entire deck, ensuring that your deck will look beautiful for many years to come. Like Treated Wood, Cedar decking uses brown screws. The difference in the screws is just that they are colored to closely match the deck


Composite is by far the most expensive deck solution. That being said, it does have an overall advantage over the more traditional decking methods. It doesn't splinter with age, doesn't expand and contract like other decking, never needs to be stained or waterproofed and most important for Alberta winters is there are NO pesky nails or screw heads getting in the way of your shovel. Maintenance is a breeze with composite being the only real important aspect of it is that you have to wash it weekly with car wash soap. If washed regularly the product will not fade as bad as a more poorly maintained deck. The trick to buying the right car soap is simple; if it is safe to wash your plastic bumper, it is safe for your deck.


Like decking, there is a wide area of products you can use to build your fence, you have your 3 main product lines; Treated Wood, Cedar, and Vinyl. All fences however start the same, buy first surveying and then sticking a post in a hole. There are new products out on the market that make the old ways obsolete. Fix-A-Deck now uses Fast 2K which is a high density foam that takes half the time as conventional methods. By pouring this in the hole it sets in 5 minutes and secures the post as well as concrete. The main advantage to this new product is it is 100% waterproof allowing the fence to stand 15-20 years longer than concrete set posts.

As with decks, treated and cedar fences require staining to maintain their look. Opposed to a deck however, a fence will need to be stained more often. You will get a 2-5 year stain cycle opposed to a deck that will get 3-6 years for it's cycle. Why do fences need stain more often than a deck? Simple, fences are subject to more natural elements (wind, rain, snow, sunlight).

Vinyl is like composite decking in every perspective. It may cost more than the traditional fencing, but requires 1/10th of the maintenance. No staining required. However if installed incorrectly it may shatter in the winter if the inside post is too tight. Like the composite decks, using car soap is the safest and best way to make sure your fence lasts long and stays beautiful.


Fix-A-Deck can and will do everything from start to finish. From pouring concrete in piles or slabs, to cleaning the dust off your brand new deck, we are on-site until the end. Fix-A-Deck will pull all the permits needed for your project as required by Camrose municipality and county. If you're not sure if your project requires a permit, talk to Nick or talk to Camrose Planning and Development. Contracts of $5000 or more require a contract to be signed and a 25% deposit placed before construction can begin.

Once your new deck is done, all that is left is your time to enjoy the simple life. All decks constructed by Fix-A-Deck instantly receive a 10% off maintenance (deck staining) for as long as you own your deck. All Fix-A-Decks decks carry the industries 5 year material warranty. If your deck was built with Trex products; Fix-A-Deck will sign the warranty cards for the customer to ensure that you receive the full 25 year product warranty.